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Updated 5/24/15

This Location has been a hit.  Everyone had something good to say about it.  For more information on Masons or pictures of the building itself, click on the following links.

Masonic Lodge Website                           Pictures of the Building

We had the chance to tour the building and would highly recommend taking the time to see the rest of the building and it's architecture and decor.  It was awe inspiring.  This would make a great group activity.  Tours are conducted daily during normal business hours.


Historic Masonic Lodge - 5/02/15


St. Patricks Dance at Masonic Lodge - 3/14/15


Chinese New Year at Masonic Lodge - 2/21/15


Holiday Dance at Historic Masonic Lodge - 12/06/14


Historic Masonic Lodge - 11/08/14


Historic Masonic Lodge - 3/22/14


Historic Masonic Lodge - 2/08/14


Historic Masonic Lodge - 1/11/14


Christmas Dance at Masonic Lodge - 12/14/13


Masonic Lodge - 11/16/13


Pre-Halloween at Masonic Lodge - 10/19/13


Historic Masonic Lodge - 09/07/13


Cinco De Mayo at Masonic Lodge - 05/04/13

Historic Masonic Lodge - 03/02/13


Anti-Valentines Dance at Masonic Lodge - 02/16/13


Christmas Dance at Masonic Lodge - 12/15/12


Masonic Lodge- 12/01/12


Masonic Lodge- 9/08/12


Masonic Lodge - 1/14/12


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