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Join us for the next Dee's Dance on January 31, the eve of the biggest sporting event of the year the SUPER BOWL!  Dee will be throwing a TAIL GATE party in the south amphitheater of historic Trolley Square!  Show support for your favorite team by wearing their colors or apparel.  Dance in the ZONE to today's hits and requested favorites.  Take a TIME OUT by grazing at the Trolley Snack Buffet.  Quench your thirst at our ice water station. (No dumping of the coolers on the coach!) KICK OFF is after the Trolley shops have closed around 9:10.  Arrive prior to 9:30 and save $1 on your GAME TICKET.  After 9:30 admission is $11* or $10 (cash discount) which includes parking, dancing, ice water and the buffet.  There is no coat check at Trolley so please leave your possessions locked safely in your car.  Best parking is in the lit garage on 600 East.  Trolley always has a great crowd, don't miss playing in this game!

DANCING SATURDAY 1/31/15 at Historic Trolley Square located at 651 East 600 South Salt Lake City is from 9:00 pm - 12:30.   Admission: $11*,  $10 cash discount, $9 cash discount before 9:30.

Make plans on Feb. 14, to attend Dee's Valentine's (aka Single Awareness Day) Dance at the beautiful Noah's.  Valentine's is the perfect day to treat yourself to a nice evening of red hot dancing.  There will be plenty of fun friends for you to meet and party with.  Throw on your hottest RED look and come strut your fabulousness!  Dee will be turning Noah's into red hot elegance and will have the chocolate fountains flowing to drown your Valentine's Day sorrows in.   All admissions are $11* or $10 cash at the door.  Sorry Punch Cards, Dance Passes or Couples Discounts are not valid/accepted at this dance.  This will be the best and most affordable Valentine's party in town.  Hope to see you there!

*We now accept all major credit cards for admissions.

Dee's Dances - providing quality Singles events for many years! Thank you for your continued support.  Come see why we're often imitated but never surpassed. We ARE loud, we ARE current, we ARE packed because we are Dee's Dance!

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January 31 - Trolley Square, February 7 - TBA, February 14 - Valentines at SoJo Noahs, February 21 - Masonic Lodge, February 28 - Trolley Square.

PLEASE NOTE:  MODEST STANDARDS FOR DRESS AND CONDUCT APPLY AT ALL DEE'S DANCES.  DRESS CODE WILL BE ENFORCED AT ALL DEE'S DANCES.  PLEASE USE YOUR BETTER JUDGMENT.  Dress code is No halter tops, spaghetti straps, tank tops, belly shirts, backless, strapless, see though, low cut or otherwise revealing clothing.  Shorts and skirts must be of a modest length.  No offensive sayings on shirts.  No smoking, alcohol or outside beverages allowed.

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